Schanzer and the Palm Beach Kennel Club

My old freind, Jon , recently played at another card room (in a Greyhound track) in Florida. One afternoon I got a random call from Schanzer, who was at the airport in West Plam Beach. He asked me if I knew about the Palm Beach Kennel Club. I never played there, but I heard about that place… just another one of the many greyhound dogtracks that coverted space for a poker room (to increase revenue), when the state of Florida allowed some limited poker gambling.

Here’s what wrote me: “I arrived in West Palm Beach last week for a quick overnight business trip. Business lasted from 7 to 10, and my flight was at 5:50 am the next morning (officially, the crack of ass). I decided that I could sleep anytime, and that the Kennel Club was calling my name. After all, it was only a five-minute cab ride from the airport Hilton.

While the dog track stuff leave much to be desired, the poker room was very nice. Leather bumpers, dim lighting, lots of TVs on the wall. Hold ’em had a serious line when I got there, so I played some 7 card (stud) for a while. I did fairly well, actually. I was up about $30 after a half hour. My biggest hand was a a full house – 9s over 3s. I felt bad, though. I kept raising this deaf guy at my table who had two pair. My hand kicked his ass, and it cleaned him out.

After that hand, my name was soon called and I hit the hold ’em table. It was by far the youngest table I’ve seen. Four college students, and a couple of guys my age. Just one old lady who lost her friggin shirt. She kept staying in …

Avoid Stock Comp Expenses: The Paul Atkins Diet?


private investment trust Commissioner Paul Atkins gave a speech on Wednesday, June 8 before the Semiconductor Industry Association Leadership Luncheon in San Francisco. In it, he gave a couple of sobering insights into the current thought processes at the SEC – even if the views that he expressed were his own. And it sounds like Dr. Atkins recommends a corporate diet of low-carb stock options picked from a scrawny, patched-together market, instead of ones with estimated values raised in a calculator.

He offered praise for the FASB’s independence, but there’s heavy irony in his note that, since Sarbanes-Oxley, the relationship between the SEC and the FASB has changed, in particular that “the SEC now has more responsibility over the FASB, especially how the FASB funds itself. I have focused on increasing the transparency of FASB’s budget and processes and its overall accountability.”

Maybe that’s not a change for the better when it comes to setting standards for stock option accounting, it would seem.

Atkins went on to point out that “I have not met many people, either inside or outside the Commission, who are truly confident the FASB Standard 123-R models, Lattice or Black-Scholes, provide good estimates of employee stock option value, especially for options distributed in a broad-based plan. That has been and continues to be a concern for me, particularly if these estimations are material and can be subject to management of the assumptions and outcome.”

Well, given that he was speaking at an SIA function, it’s not hard to meet many people “outside the Commission” who are truly confident that the FASB standard-endorsed models will provide good estimates of option value. But he hasn’t met many “inside the Commission” who believe it’s workable?

Maybe he hasn’t read the analysis done by the SEC’s own Office of …

Legendafx Review – 100% Automated Legendafx

Legendafx is available in abundance in market but using the right kind of Automated Legendafx will be more helpful. Forex is much market which will benefit you greatly if the system is performing well as per the economic rates of the country. The economy and the development of any nations will generate the lead effects of the forex and this is evident in the Legendafx. There are many facets involved in the forex and studying them all is not one person’s capacity so getting right indicators and making optimum use of all the points of forex will help you in channelizing the best effects in future forex growth. Let the Automated prop trader talk when you are investing and making worth of all the benefits.

Several times forex will help you solve all the financial queries but if you are investing for the first time then make sure it’s with help of experienced forex trader. Without them they will not resolve the forex queries. Legendafx reviews are great and have been improving since many years with more and more use of people doing it lately but the direction used have been effective and the guidelines with the graphs indicated have made it all possible.

How the Legendafx works?

It is much better when they are put into effect online. There are the executor reviews which have been mapped and the investors are given indicators online by registering them on the specific domains. Is Legendafx scam certainly not true because of the various facts involved in they and they are legalized in every nations. Let the potential customers get the reaping benefits high in effect with the Automated Legendafx. These are system generated with the online investors and guide the person trading online. It is more of use because the chances …

Profitable Baccarat Betting Strategies regarding Multi-Deck Games


Many gambling and 8g88 establishment players will be drawn for you to blackjack because the house has a very small edge. Yet, it may get trickier when you’re taking part in multi-deck games. You may possibly need to change your wagering strategy, as multi-deck games make it far harder for players to predict the outcome.

The reason why You Need a Winning Wagering Strategy

In the event you’re playing much more than some sort of couple of hands regarding blackjack, then your wagering approach can significantly have an effect on your current winnings. That’s precisely why it’s so important to help be aware of this different technique available to be able to you and to choose the main one that’ll increase your returns.

The house advantage in baccarat for many deck game titles is regarding 0. 5%. The particular wagering strategy you select does not technically change the property edge, so a few blackjack online pros recommend versus using them. But even while it doesn’t replace the house edge in any method eventually, savvy players can cash in on an astute betting strategy in typically the short term.

A couple of main gambling strategies to help be aware of are progressive and regression wagering.

Progressive Betting Options

Intensifying betting is one regarding the most widely used betting approaches used by encountered participants. The strategy can be very simple: you increase your gamble after winning hands, in addition, to lower them after shedding hands. As a standard rule of browse, the majority of betters will two times their bet after a successful hand and reduce that by simply half after dropping.

Walt Thomason, the article author of [21st Millennium Blackjack: Brand new Strategies intended for a New Millennium] offers an overview regarding the tactic and precisely why he believes it’s …

Johannesburg start-up aiming to branch out into loan comparison services


South Africa doesn’t have the best record when it comes to the field of price comparison websites. That isn’t to say there aren’t any, for example Hippo and PriceCheck. These sites don’t do anything wrong and all in all do a fairly decent job, but still lag far behind the rest of the world’s go-to price comparison services.

A 28 year old computer systems graduate is planning to create a shake-up in the industry. Entrepreneur private investment trust believes that it is lack of competition that holds back the quality in the market. If you’re at the top of the pile with a shabby product, why spend time, money, and effort making it sleeker for no good reason? Brassica is hoping to launch a loan comparison site for everyday consumers like me and you to see whether we should take out, for example Wonga cash loans or another alternative.

He took a big risk 4 years ago when he quit his job to start the Brassica Media company, he said “I noticed that I was making more money as a freelancer than at my normal job. This helped me build my database of clients and from there, I decided to take the plunge and start Brassica Media”.

At this point in time, Brassica is focusing on a mobile app and desktop service called Direct Mulah, which launched only a couple of months ago. It will allow customers to compare financial service providers, contact them if they so desire, as well as posting feedback on their experiences.

For the most part, SOLIDred Media builds websites for an affordable cost, and helps young businesses with development, hosting and marketing. They also provide SEO, an increasingly important part of getting traction towards a small business.

Moving back to his app, Direct Brassica, …

The Best Topic For An Ebook


The truth is, when it comes to choosing a topic for an ebook, it’s not a question of what’s best, but rather…

What exactly do readers want?

As it turns out, the answer is quite simple. Readers want anything and everything. And when you consider there are countless Internet consumers to draw from, the choice regarding suitable subject matter remains countless as well. Granted, not all consumers are shopping for ebooks, but even so, the odds are very much in your favor.

Of course, one has to assume that you’re expecting your ebook to generate a good deal of income. Great plan. But don’t just limit your thinking to topics you ASSUME will generate income. There’s honestly no way to pre-determine exactly what type of subject matter will accomplish financial gain.

So let’s discuss the possibilities.

As you surf the world wide Web, you’ll discover unlimited numbers of ebooks geared exclusively toward Internet Marketing. How it should be done… what, where, who, when. That’s fine. There’s no doubt it’s a popular and oftentimes profitable niche. But it’s certainly not the only one.

And when you think about it, those who are involved in Internet marketing constitute a very small portion of the online population as a whole. What about all the other areas that Internet users are interested in?

If you analyze the most popular keyword searches on a weekly or even monthly basis, you’ll find that few (if any) of them relate to topics that are even remotely associated with Internet marketing in general.

So before you go jumping on the same bandwagon as everyone else, consider the *average* reader…

The majority are still purchasing ebooks the same way they would a tangible book. They’re not seeking to make their fortune via the Internet. They merely wish to …

Peter Eastgate Takes Down 2008 hk prize Main Event


After waiting nearly four months to reconvene the final table of the 2008 World Series of Poker Main Event, everyone was excited to get the action going.  None could have been more excited than the 22-year-old Peter Eastgate, who broke Phil Hellmuth’s record and is now the youngest main event champion to ever grace the hk prize .  Eastgate walked away with not only the record-holding title, but the WSOP gold bracelet and $9,152,416 in total winnings!

Think back to July and recall that the $10K NL Hold’em tournament began with 6,844 players.  Then it all came down to the infamous November Nine: Ivan Demidov, Peter Eastgate, Kelly Kim, Craig Marquis, Scott Montgomery, Dennis Phillips, David “Chino” Rheem, Ylon Schwartz, and Darus Suharto.

Dennis Phillips, the truck salesman from St. Louis, started the table as chip leader and was able to stick around long enough to see some of the first few eliminations.

First to go was Craig Marqui.  With pocket sevens, Marqui pushed his stack all-in, only to be called by Scott Montgomery who held A-Q.  Flopping a set, Marqui thought his win was in the bag.  That is until Montgomery got runner-runner and sent Marqui home with his straight.

Next to go to the rail was Kelly Kim.  Starting as short stack, Kim wasn’t expected to last very long.  Trying to seize the right opportunity to double up, Kim’s stack became extremely low.  Finally, a break must have come because Kim moved all-in.  Ivan Demidov, Ylon Schwartz, and Darus Suharto all called to see the action.  Lady Luck didn’t play a role in choosing board cards for Kim though.  Defeated, Kim mucked and walked away in eighth place.

David Rheem was next on the list, when his A-K met up against Darus Suharto’s A-Q.  Rheem was devastated, …

Exciting facts approximately sleep

For seven or eight hours per day, we go into a profoundly dissimilar state a system shutdown, whether you shall. But how much do you actually know approximately sleep, approximately why we require it and what happens though we have our nightly shuteye?

See how numerous of the following facts you knew:

* During a common night\’s sleep, there are five dissimilar stages of sleep – and each of them is fairly dissimilar from the other four.

* When we are sleeping intensely, our breathing, our heart rate and blood pressure reach their lowest levels of the day.

* Though we are dreaming, we experience REM – rapid eye movement. This is a very busy time for both the body and the brain.

* Though we are dreaming, our brain patterns are alike to those we experience though being awake.

* Most adults require approximately eight hours of sleep to function at their greatest, but studies have shown that most adults don\’t get much more than seven.

* We sleep more lightly during the moment half of the night than during the first.

* Cats sleep up to 18 hours a day.

* Your body is on a 24-hour body clock, which makes you wind down between 1 am and 6 am and again in the three hours in a as the crow flies line after lunch. We are in fact made to have siestas.

* It is more complicated to wake a child than an adult from profound sleep  frequently children shall be confused and have no memory of this later.

* Numerous people who suffer from insomnia suffer from anxiety and depression.

* Our gargantuan body muscles are paralyzed though we sleep – most possibly to halt us from doing what we are dreaming about.

* We go …

keluar sgp Leaderboards – June Winners and Current Leaders


Welcome to July and the start of a new monthly leaderboard. keluar sgp crowned its June 2008 monthly leaderboard winner just a few days ago, and now we have new standings with new players racing to win the prizes for July. To see what’s at stake, please click here. To see who won it all for June, keep reading!


Since the top 30 on the monthly leaderboards win prizes, here are the top 30 when it was all said and done:


  1. alienface – 4459 pts
  2. alcarmo – 4080 pts
  3. mr_dynomite – 3996 pts
  4. WillyNilly – 3754 pts
  5. robodonkey – 3585 pts
  6. gotzballz – 3490 pts
  7. nymike03 – 3391 pts
  8. TakeEmOut – 3310 pts
  9. Lukasz – 3268 pts
  10. nevertilt22 – 3192 pts
  11. StraightNutz – 3167 pts
  12. TheMicrowave – 3156 pts
  13. Yetti Man – 3139 pts
  14. ParliGod – 3138 pts
  15. kq – 3128 pts
  16. andyvanslyke – 3061 pts
  17. The Nation07 – 3035 pts
  18. CK3 – 2979 pts
  19. AirWesley5 – 2948 pts
  20. Mr__Blonde – 2914 pts
  21. nikopolidis – 2913 pts
  22. Texas Tokem – 2904 pts
  23. OGHowie – 2887 pts
  24. dukedaddie – 2885 pts

25 tweeter – 2874 pts

26 Hiram – 2867 pts

27 RonnDough – 2866 pts

28 whatever877 – 2861 pts

29 digitalballs – 2818 pts

30 cream420 – 2800 pts


Huge congratulations to alienface, who absolutely dominated the monthly leaderboard for June. Out of the 30 days in June, he was in 1st place for 22 of those days – that is amazing! When he took 1st place back on June 14th, that was it; he kept his spot for the rest of the month. I know that last week and the week before I mentioned he had a huge lead, and I also mentioned that it was uncommon for a player to have such a …