Ethereum to $ 45,000 in 2025, Says Crypto Analyst


Comparing the return on investment (ROI) of Bitcoin ( BTC ) and Ethereum (ETH) during the 2017 bull run, a Crypto analyst known on Twitter by the name CryptoWolf says that ETH can achieve spectacular growth by 2025.

Ethereum price prediction between $ 10,000 and 45,000 in 2025.

In his recent tweet, the analyst CryptoWolf writes that the price of the second largest cryptocurrency can reach a breathtaking level in 2025 – from 10,000 to 45,000 USD. For this to happen, the return on investment in ETH would have to be as high as 500%.

ROI over the last 4 years.

ETH 130x

XRP 31x

BTC 17x

DOGE 13x

LTC 11x

Btc over the last 4 years had slightly higher returns of Doge and LTC.

— CryptoWolf (@IamCryptoWolf) December 27, 2019

ROI of the last 4 years.


— CryptoWolf (@IamCryptoWolf) December 27, 2019

Other analysts are equally optimistic. They believe that during the new large bull market, ETH will reach 10,000 USD. However, bitcoin dice they do not often specify specific dates when this may occur.

Another trader, “Filbfilb,” notes that, unlike ETH and XRP, Bitcoin showed over 100% growth throughout 2019. So this shows that ETH has less potential for growth. At least that was the case in the ending year.

A buying opportunity or another bull trap?

Usually, the more mature part of the crypto community treats price drops quite optimistically – as an opportunity to buy cheap bitcoin or any other crptocurrency and to make profits in the long term. This is the idea of ​​”hodling”. Bitcoin fans remember this when the price drops. Ripple retail investors tweet this all the time when XRP makes lower lows in the chart.

However, it seems that some are starting to feel …

Bodog- result hk Leaderboards – Current Leaders May 16th



When we looked at the weekly Bodog leaderboard last Friday,  result hk WillyNilly had a narrow lead over ParliGod of only 32 points. Here were the top three when the week was over:


  1. fitzfitz – 1589 pts
  2. RezinLife – 1577 pts
  3. Dartanian – 1566 pts


ParliGod actually passed WillyNilly the day after I wrote last week’s article, but he couldn’t keep the top spot for long either. fitzfitz took the top spot from ParliGod and he was the guy on top when the week was over. Congratulations to fitzfitz for winning the chance to play a Bodog pro heads-up for $1,000.


Moving on to this week, here is the current weekly top ten:


  1. StraightNutz – 1275 pts
  2. The Maven – 1181 pts
  3. andyvanslyke – 1178 pts
  4. whatever877 – 1007 pts
  5. PhillyGG – 950 pts
  6. Killa_Tyven – 904 pts
  7. dunkin dutchman – 886 pts
  8. fitzfitz – 836 pts
  9. ilovekaren – 829 pts
  10. dukedaddie – 828 pts


StraightNutz is in the lead now, but we all know that a 100 point lead isn’t very safe, particularly with a few days left in the week still. There’s the familiar name of andyvanslyke in third place – he’s been in the top ten of Bodog’s tournament leaderboards very often lately. In fact, over the last 30 days, his name has shown up in the top ten of the weekly board 13 times and the monthly board 22 times. Impressive! fitzfitz is also in the top ten again, sitting in 8th place. Can he make a run for first and win the weekly race two weeks in a row? He’s behind by over 400 points right now so it may seem unlikely, but last week he overcame a 300 point deficit to win first place. Maybe 400 points …




New banning bill in Illinois


More State law aimed at hamstringing Internet gambling is on the radar at present, this time from Illinois.


State Rep. Elizabeth Coulson is leading the charge with a Leach look-alike bill that attempts to eliminate Internet gambling by prohibiting banks and credit card companies from processing wire transfers to Internet casinos. If a bank knowingly processed such transactions, it would be fined $1,000 per offense.


And any credit card debts from Internet gambling transactions would be null and void, meaning the financial institutions wouldn’t have to pay the online casinos, and in turn, the bettor would not have to pay the financial institution.


“Basically, we would say that credit card companies don’t have to pay the Internet debt. So then, guess what, the gambling people aren’t going to want to take cards from Illinois, and then you eliminate the problem,” Coulson says.


The bill is currently awaiting a hearing in the Slot Gacor gaming committee, whose chairman, Rep. Lou Lang said more testimony and information about Internet gambling would be needed before the committee could act. Coulson attempted a similar bill last session, and it passed the House 111-0 but was then stalled in the Senate rules committee.




Both Crypto and Boss technology being deployed


One of the most successful and prestigious UK operators in the industry, William Hill Casino has announced some interesting software changes this week.


The new licensing arrangements are with its incumbent supplier WagerLogic (a wholly owned subsidiary of CryptoLogic Inc. of Canada) and Boss Media of Sweden, both premier gambling software providers.


The casino added the WagerLogic online poker room to its gaming portfolio at the beginning of January this year and has extended …

German Technical Translation

Managing technical translations can be complex and challenging.


The most important factor is getting the right people to do the translation. That’s where our service offers the greatest benefits.


Our experience in German technical translation includes working for clients in the following fields:



Defence and Security

Electronics and Electronic Engineering

Engineering and Construction

IT, Networks and Computing

Machinery and Tooling



Our Tools

In addition to our extensive experience, our translation tools are very well adapted for dealing with technical document formats. Our tools can filter out all the translatable text from any coding and formatting to allow the German translators to focus on translating. This also ensures that they do not disrupt any of the code or formatting during translation. The filters are highly configurable and adaptable.More about Translation Companies UK


Some formats we regularly translate:




Java Properties files

Microsoft .Net Resource files (RESX)

.PO files

Many others…

Meet some of our German Technical Translators




As a fully qualified translator and 20 years’ experience under my belt working freelance in the UK I now tend to concentrate on translating medical texts (questionnaires, patient information leaflets, SOPs) from English into my mother tongue German. But I also love stylistically demanding texts and those that give you the freedom to move away ever so slightly from the source text. Tourist brochures and marketing texts are a great favourite of mine. When I am not working I love spending time with my family, travelling and playing badminton and going to the gym to keep a healthy work/life balance.


German Marketing Translation


With the largest national economy in Europe, Germany is home to several of the world’s largest companies and is also known for its support of …

Meningkatkan Peluang Layanan Pelanggan Anda

Apa pun yang Anda lakukan, akan ada beberapa kasino di mana Anda tidak akan menerima layanan pelanggan yang layak Anda dapatkan. Tetapi sering kali, apa yang Anda lakukan dapat memengaruhi cara Anda diperlakukan. Saat meneliti artikel ini, saya menghabiskan beberapa waktu melalui korespondensi pelanggan saya untuk melihat keadaan apa yang menyebabkan penundaan atau masalah. Saya datang dengan beberapa saran yang akan membuat hidup kami berdua sedikit lebih mudah.

Apa yang dapat Anda, pelanggan, lakukan untuk meningkatkan peluang Anda mendapatkan layanan pelanggan yang lebih baik?


Mungkin mengejutkan, saya sarankan mencoba membatasi semua korespondensi Anda ke email, dan menggunakan telepon sebagai upaya terakhir. Mengapa? Anda tidak hanya memiliki catatan korespondensi Anda, tetapi kasino juga memilikinya. Ini penting ketika berpindah dari satu Perwakilan Layanan Pelanggan ke Perwakilan Layanan Pelanggan lainnya. Selain itu, dalam banyak kasus, Anda juga akan memiliki nama orang yang membantu Anda, yang memiliki banyak manfaat. Misalnya, kecuali untuk situasi darurat, Anda dapat mengarahkan semua email Anda ke orang itu, dan, jika Anda tidak senang dengan cara Anda diperlakukan, Anda dapat memberi tahu penyelia atau manajer nama orang ini.


Sangatlah penting untuk selalu mencantumkan Togel hari ini nama lengkap dan nomor rekening pada semua korespondensi Anda. Anda akan terkejut dengan jumlah email yang diterima staf saya di mana pelanggan belum mengidentifikasi diri mereka sendiri. Itu mengingatkan saya pada iklan di TV beberapa bulan lalu yang menunjukkan seorang wanita muda yang masuk ke toko dan berkata, “Hei, Anda ingat saya? Saya membeli CD di sini beberapa bulan yang lalu.” Mengirim email tanpa mengidentifikasi siapa Anda, atau bahkan hanya menggunakan nama depan Anda, cukup banyak melakukan hal yang sama. Bayangkan berapa banyak pelanggan bernama ‘John’ di luar sana.


Bahkan memasukkan nama belakang Anda saja tidak cukup, karena tidak hanya ada banyak nama John di database, ada juga banyak nama John …

Gas Station Attendant Wins Big IDN Poker at King Neptune’s


“Those pharaohs are some of the most beautiful things I have ever seen!” says King Neptune’s ( latest progressive jackpot winner, Stephany, describing the winning screen after hitting a $144 765 Treasure Nile progressive jackpot this week.


Stephany, a gas station attendant from Colorado has been a regular player at the casino since June last year. And the happy surprises are not yet over, because the casino is taking her on a luxury, all expenses paid Mystery Weekend for two as an added bonus to show appreciation for her support.


On a date of her choosing, Stephany and her son will jet away to a fabulous mystery location that has been carefully selected by King Neptune’s. They will then spend a long weekend being thoroughly spoiled.


“During this holiday, Stephany and her son will be treated to the very best – the classiest hotel, the finest restaurants and the most exciting entertainment,” Trident E-Group spokesperson Scott Gaines said. “Every minute of the weekend will be carefully planned to ensure that she has the trip of a lifetime.”


Gaines said that the Mystery Weekend is now part of an additional package that King Neptune’s owners, Trident E-Group Casinos have pledged to any player who wins a progressive jackpot of $100,000 or more.


The big win came just after 6am Mountain Time on January 28. Stephany had been playing IDN Poker for approximately 30 minutes and had wagered a little over $100 “…just wishing and praying for a nice win”. Suddenly the screen went blue and the message ‘You have won the Progressive Jackpot’ appeared. Stunned, she sat looking at the screen first in shock, then confusion and finally calm…. but was “deliriously happy”.


Stephany says she’s not yet sure of how she will spend …

Too soon to determine smoke ban’s revenue impact

HELENA – Since Helena voters approved the clean indoor air ordinance in June, word on the street has been that business in bars and casinos has suffered greatly. Business was down as much as 60 percent at some casinos, hospitality industry officials told the IR last month.

The state recently released the first tax-collection statistics that cover some of the time the ordinance has been in effect. The smoking ordinance was in effect for only one of the three months included in the most recent figures, which cover April through June of this year. However, other cities enacting bans have shown that any economic impact is greatest immediately after the ordinance passes.

One expert says it’s impossible to draw any conclusions at all for the numbers through June.

“It’s just too early to tell,” said Paul Polzin, director of the Bureau of Business and Economic Research at the University of Montana. “You need at least one full quarter to know. Maybe they had two heavy months in April and May. There simply isn’t enough data yet.”

Steve Morris, a local restaurateur and president of the Montana Tavern Association, was out of town Tuesday and unavailable for comment.

There are, perhaps not surprisingly, several ways to read the early numbers, but none of them indicate the heavy decreases claimed by local UFABet casino owners. Again, the most recent numbers available include only one month of the ordinance; a clearer picture won’t emerge until October, when the first quarter of fiscal year 2003 (July through September) becomes available.

In Helena, the fourth quarter of this fiscal year (April through June) showed a 6.4 percent increase in gambling taxes collected over the same quarter of 2001. That’s slightly below the 7.3 percent jump from the fourth quarter of 2000 to the fourth quarter …

Ligaz11 Review of High-Low-Split Poker For Advanced Players

High/low split games are very popular in many card rooms across the country. Some casinos also spread HORSE or HOSE style games, which consist of several different kinds of poker. In these formats, High/Low split games are quite common. Omaha High/Low is played as part of the Tournament of Champions format, and both Omaha High/Low and Stud High/Low events are spread as part of many major tournaments. Further, when these games are spread, they are often fairly soft, populated by weak players content to play for half of the pot. Therefore, every serious poker player should be at least proficient in both of these games.


As one might expect, this is really two books under a common cover. There are some very brief opening remarks and a shared glossary at the end. Other than this, each book stands on its own. Stud High/Low is discussed first, followed by Omaha High/Low. I’ve played a fair bit of Omaha High/Low, and so I consider myself to be a pretty good judge of writing about this game, but haven’t played Stud High/Low that many times, and while I think I understand basic winning play, I would not classify myself as an expert. Ray Zee, however, is widely considered to be one of the best poker players alive, and is certainly qualified to write a textbook on both games.


In the Stud High/Low section of the book, Zee starts by discussing what makes a good High/Low starting hand, followed by a chapter about playing one’s hand on progressive streets. Next, we receive information about various intricacies of the game, various kinds of Stud High/Low split games one might encounter, and other skills that are important. This section ends with a quiz on the material covered, a feature I really adore in the …

Judi Slot Online $226k Winner at Sands of the Caribbean

Jackpot Mania – The Sands of the Caribbean® Online Casino continues to earn the reputation among Jackpot Mania players as the destination to win massive progressive jackpots. This time, ‘BUSTER’ claimed US$226,970.92 just before midnight November 8, 2001 playing the $1.00 slot Rags to Riches.

BUSTER’s win is just the latest in what has been a frantic start to November at Jackpot Mania. Minutes before the US$226,970.92 jackpot was hit, ‘PSYCHO’ was busy winning $23,275.41 on Caribbean Poker at InterCasino.

The day before ‘SOINTU’ won UK£100,268.47 on Caribbean Poker at William Hill Casino. Other big November winners include ‘ROUNDER’ ($26,009.66 at InterCasino) and ‘NANCY’ ($24,357.25 at Omni Casino) both also playing Caribbean Poker.

“It was an unbelievable feeling!” says BUSTER. “I was thinking to myself this could not be happening to me – it still has not really sunk in yet. I’ve got some bills that I have wanted to pay off and now I can! The Sands of the Caribbean® is truly a first class online casino. Thanks again!”

The win marks the fifth time a player has hit a massive progressive jackpot at The Sands of the Caribbean® Online Casino this year. On September 3, ‘BOBO’ set the standing online progressive jackpot world record with a US$414,119.22 win while playing Rags to Riches. Other winners hit for $235,000, $208,000 and $87,000, respectively.

“Every one loves a winner and we’ve had our share of them this year,” says Gwen Salmon, Director of Finance at The Sands of the Caribbean®. “It’s great for this industry and it’s great for BUSTER in particular. We’re nearing completion of the next generation of our software. As we continue to grow, so will the size and the frequency of the big jackpots being won.”

Jackpot Mania links progressive jackpots from Internet casinos around the …