German Technical Translation

Managing technical translations can be complex and challenging.


The most important factor is getting the right people to do the translation. That’s where our service offers the greatest benefits.


Our experience in German technical translation includes working for clients in the following fields:



Defence and Security

Electronics and Electronic Engineering

Engineering and Construction

IT, Networks and Computing

Machinery and Tooling



Our Tools

In addition to our extensive experience, our translation tools are very well adapted for dealing with technical document formats. Our tools can filter out all the translatable text from any coding and formatting to allow the German translators to focus on translating. This also ensures that they do not disrupt any of the code or formatting during translation. The filters are highly configurable and adaptable.More about Translation Companies UK


Some formats we regularly translate:




Java Properties files

Microsoft .Net Resource files (RESX)

.PO files

Many others…

Meet some of our German Technical Translators




As a fully qualified translator and 20 years’ experience under my belt working freelance in the UK I now tend to concentrate on translating medical texts (questionnaires, patient information leaflets, SOPs) from English into my mother tongue German. But I also love stylistically demanding texts and those that give you the freedom to move away ever so slightly from the source text. Tourist brochures and marketing texts are a great favourite of mine. When I am not working I love spending time with my family, travelling and playing badminton and going to the gym to keep a healthy work/life balance.


German Marketing Translation


With the largest national economy in Europe, Germany is home to several of the world’s largest companies and is also known for its support of small and medium enterprises.  Whether you’re looking to expand your business into a German market, or you want to build your existing presence a German-speaking country, we are the perfect partner.


We regularly translate a wide variety of marketing materials into German including;


Brochures, Leaflets and Handbooks

Email Marketing

Press releases

Websites, Landing pages, Keywords, Banners and Flash animations


Our German Expertise

With offices in Munich, a team of qualified linguists and native German project managers, we offer German translation services that address more than just words on a page, ensuring the best results possible. Our German marketing translation teams are very experienced in the German market, are media and web-savvy, and will add real value to your work.


In a global context, localisation is key to succeeding in all markets – adapting your message to fit with the desired audience in each country or region.


Marketing Approach

Marketing translation comprises far more than simply translating copy on a page. As with any other marketing professional, those who undertake marketing translation services must consider their core audience.


We hand-pick our linguists according to their exact skills set, to match your requirements perfectly, and ensure that you get the best possible results, in line with your brief. We’ll ensure that we ask you all the right questions so that our German translators match your tone of voice and style, and fully understand the audience and key messages.


That’s why it’s vital to remember that just because something works in one language doesn’t mean it will work in another. Marketing translation services specialists are responsible for getting a specific message across to customers – in a way that they will understand.


We regularly provide German marketing translations of websites, emails, brochures and leaflets to create interesting and effective communications.


Some of our German Marketing Translators

Female Translator



I am a German native speaker and have been living in the UK for nearly 20 years. With a strong background in finance, tourism and marketing I al