The following is the third and final installment of Titan Team player Jan Bjoersland’s report on his experiences playing at the Dusk Till Dawn poker tournament in Nottingham.


It was the same structure as on Saturday, but 240 players. 27 got paid.


Level 1: A9 and limping in from the button. Fours guys were in the pot and it was ace high on the flop. Small blind starts betting and I call him all the way to the river and picked up 1,800 in the pot. No idea of what he had but a nice way to start the day.


Level 1: 66 in 7th position. Two limpers and I called. BB makes it 250 to play. All 3 of us called and the flop came: Ad 6c 3h. A pretty nice flop for me! Check-check-check and I bet 350…keeping the pot small to see if anyone has hit the ace. BB calls. 2d on the turn. He checks again and bet 600. He

calls. 8c on the river. I put him on a big ace and decided to check to see if I can re-raise him on the river. He bets 1,500 and now I get a strange feeling. Has he been slow playing a BIG monster? I flat call and he flips over AA for a bigger set. That could easily have been the end of the tournament but I got away really cheap.


Level 3: (75-150) 22 on the button. One limper and 6th position makes it 600 to play. Call from me, BB and the limper. Qd 10d 8h. A lot of draws with that flop but to my surprise I see the turn for free and it’s a deuce giving me a set! Now the initial raiser makes it 1,200 to play and I call in case he’s slow playing a monster. 9c on the river gives me the boat. Now he checks and I try to find out how much I can get out from him so I decide to bet 3,000. He thinks for a while….calls and flips over AQ. A really nice pot this early in the togeltournament and I guess the same guy doesn’t check to pair the next time…


Level 4 (100-200). I raise to 500 in 6th position with QK off. Button calls. Flop: Qd 3c 2h. I check and he fires out 1,200. This guy had been playing kind of loose for a while so he might have anything but I still decide to raise him so I make it 2,700 and take down the pot. A few hands later I pick up the hand of the day! AKs in the SB. Button makes a standard steal raise to 550 and since I am on a roll I re-raise him and put 1,650 on the table to take down the pot before the flop. To my surprise he calls quickly. Js 2s 4h on the flop gives me NOTHING but that flop couldn’t have helped him

either….if he didn’t have a big pocket pair on his hands. I lead out with 2,600 and he calls even quicker than before the flop. Now I started to get a little bit worried. 8s on the turn. A blank for me and most likely for him. I fire a 3rd bullet and bet out 4,000. He thinks for a while and called with a confident phrase: “I’ll call for value and will take it down on the river”. 7s on the river putting 4 spades on the board. I look at my cards and see no spade at all but it’s a perfect card to pull a bluff on the river so I go all in with my last 10K and then he starts to swear and curse…and

says that he can’t call. He mucks his hand and I show my AK. 30 minutes later the same guy is out of the tournament after a steaming period going all in blind!


Level 5 (150-300) 8d 9s in the BB. 3 limpers and I check to see the flop: 5s 6c 7d. A dream flop with top straight. I bet out 1,500 and the same guy who I was up against with AK in the big hand earlier calls. 3c on the turn. A perfect card if he’s got a 4 in his hand. 2,500 from me and  he makes it 6,000!! I could play slow here but there’s two spades and diamonds on the board and since I put him on a 4 he’ll probably go all in….but to my surprise he folds when I put him all in. Anyway…a big pot! 36,000 chips now with an average of 13,000 and I am among the chip leaders.


Level 5 (200-400 50 ante): AA under the gun. 1,000 from me. Two callers. Jd 3d Ts. Not the best flop since there are a couple of draws out there. I lead out with 4K and they both fold. Break. Blinds will start at 400-800 (100). 143 players left and the average is 16K. I have 33K.


Level 6 (300-600 50 ante): A7 in 6th pos. 1,200 from me against a small stack in the BB. He calls leaving him with only 5K more to play with. Qd 7c 2d. Middle pair and I put him all in. No call.


Level 6: Utg makes it 2,400. I look down at my hole cards and see two red ladies on the button. I have 3x his stack so I put 10K on the table. He goes all in with his remaining 9K and flips over 99. A terrible 9 on the river gives him the set….:o/ A pretty big pot that I take down 95 out of 100 times before the river.


Level 7 (600-1,200 200 ante): AK in 6th position. 3X the BB from me and the button calls with a medium stack. The flop gives me top straight. T J Q rainbow. Should be an action flop. I check and he checks…of course. No action with that monster flop. T on the turn. He checks again and now he must have a low pocket pair so I bet out only 3K but he folds straight away.


Level 7: 66 in 4th position and pick up the blinds and antes with a bet of 3,600.


Level 7: Limping in with 55. 7th pos, the button and BB check out the flop: 4d 5c 2s. Check from BB and I try a small feeler bet of 2,800 and they all fold. Nice little pot.


Level 8 (800-1600). All in with 44. No callers. 26K. 71 players left. The average is 36K.


Nothing more happens before Level 11 (2000-4000 300 ante): A5 in 6th position with only 5,500 chips. Then my roll starts. Double of against 7d 4c who tried to steal the blinds and antes, all in with A2 against A2 giving me runner flush and 2 hands later on AK against QQ where I hit AK on the flop. In 15 minutes I go from under one BB to average (80,000 chips) Amazing comeback!!


Level 12 and we’re into the money. Blinds 3,000-6,000 600 ante.


Level 14 (4,000-8,000 800 ante) QQ utg. 25K is the bet but no one calls. 19 players left.


Level 14: Utg all in with 56K. I call with 88 and another guy with 45K calls as well!!! Utg show AA!! And the other guy AJ. Still in with a chance but no 8 on the board and I am crippled down to 16K. I manage to get back into it when I double up in the BB with QT against 96. Then I have KT in the SB and there’s only the BB left so I HAVE TO go all in since I am super short. He calls with deuces and another deuce on the board takes care of my exit. *13th place and £158 out of 240 players. A nice result and I got my two buy ins back and money for the taxi ride back to the hotel.


In conclusion I must say that I am happy with the way I played. Almost made another final table in Nottingham and even though it was a “small” tournaments with low buy in you still have to play some good poker to get in

the money. My next stop will also be in Nottingham the 5th-8th of February for another £300+£36 Deep Stack event. After that one I’ll be attending the €500+€50 UKIPT event in Manchester from the 11th-14th of February. With a

starting stack of 15K and 60 minutes on the clock that’ll be an exciting tournament!


And that my friends, is how I played poker at the Dusk Till Dawn. Until the next tournament…