Making A Living From Online Poker



This is pure conjecture from a newbie to Texas Hold’Em, especially one who hasn’t played for real money. But some of my experiences with free poker suggest that there might just be a way to make a living from online poker, and never having to enter tournaments. Where there’s a will, there’s a way, right?


Of course, a major drawback of online poker is that it’s much harder to read your opponents. On the other hand, a major benefit is exactly that it’s much harder for your opponents to read you. As long as you’ve learned different styles of play, you could represent yourself in different ways at different tables.


Let’s look at a concrete example. Suppose you start off micro-ante ($0.01/0.02) games (after you’ve mastered the free play), then work your way up, as your winnings allow. If you played a tight game and bluffed very infrequently, you could probably manage to win $20-50 per table.


Now, if you had the time and played 10 tables per day, that’s $200-500/d. Unless you’re really damn good, it’s unlikely that you could maintain a positive gain every day, so limit yourself to 2-3 days/week, when you are feeling at your best. (A pro poker player will no doubt tell you that you have to be at top form to play well.) So that’s $400 – $1500/ wk, or $1600 – 6000/ wk.


Sounds like a fair bit, for something that is generally a lot of fun to play (except when you’re losing money). But when you break it down, it doesn’t sound all that hard. If this all sounds plausible, you have to ask yourself a couple of questions. One, do you want to make a living (partial or full) this way? Two, are you willing to put in the time to master the online version of the game? Three, am I being overly naive?