Poker Bloggers and Readers Unite




Are you going to wade through all those results, trying to find a few good poker blogs, especially if you’re new to the game? Sure, there are numerous ways to find poker weblogs, but my point is that not everyone is going to know that. With Texas Hold’em becoming immensely popular all over the world, and with California Hold’em being a new competitor for your interest, there are always new readers to be gained. Let’s make it easier for these readers.


A reader can, of course, use the “authority” slider in the Technorati search panel to reduce the number of results and supposedly increase the relevance. That helps a bit, but surprisingly, several relevant posts are from non-poker blogs, including a newswire service announcing poker-related merchandising companies.


Finally, I try using Technorati’s “tag search” feature for blog posts marked tagged “poker”. Success at last. Well, better than the two previous attempts.


So what’s the problem? With the exception of some, Texas Hold’em has raised the image of poker. Professionals and celebrities are raising money for charity, and there seems to be a a mild but concerted effort to appeal to a wider range of fans. Up here in Canada, at least within a 100 mile radius around Toronto, there are at least 4-5 channels televising poker games on the weekends. There’s such a lack of televised events that some channels are showing repeat celebrity/ charity tourneys or amateurs no one has heard of


I say great. More interest means more potential readers. So let’s make it easier for anyone newly interested in the game to find poker blogs. I have a number of ideas on how we can do this, but I’d really like feedback from both poker bloggers as well as poker blog readers. Should poker bloggers use more Technorati-style tagging? Given that Technorati does not seem to have updated their index of this blog in nearly 6 months, this may not be the best solution.


Should someone set up a digg- or delicious-style site that makes it incredibly easy to find new, legit poker posts and vote on them? A plain old directory? A special adult gaming search engine? What do you want to see? What do you think would make it easier for poker enthusiasts to find what they’re looking for?