Last In, First Out slot gacor


Today I’d like to discuss gambling debts and when you should expect to get paid. I’ve taken this lesson from a 1985 issue of the slot gacor Gambling Times magazine. Mike’s column, Caro on Gambling, pertained to Last In First Out (known as LIFO).

At some point you are going to either borrow money from someone or someone is going to borrow money from you in order to play poker, fund a business investment, or to pay bills. How should you expect repayment, or be expected to repay? Would it be Last in First Out or First In First Out? The terms LIFO and FIFO are well-known to computer programmers and people who devise procedures for organizations. Let’s see how they apply to poker loans.

Borrowing money. If my friend Sybil came to me asking to borrow $200 to play poker, she’d be hoping that she would win. If she did, she could repay me, have some extra money, and perhaps give me a small share of the profit. If I made this loan, how would I expect to be paid? If she wins, t… Continue reading Last In, First Out

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It would be nice if you could weigh all the factors when you’re sitting in a poker game. Then you could consider everything before deciding to raise, call, or fold. But you can’t. You don’t have all day to reach the right decision. You have only seconds. And because you don’t have enough time to consider everything, you must decide what’s most important to …