The following is the third and final installment of Titan Team player Jan Bjoersland’s report on his experiences playing at the Dusk Till Dawn poker tournament in Nottingham.


It was the same structure as on Saturday, but 240 players. 27 got paid.


Level 1: A9 and limping in from the button. Fours guys were in the pot and it was ace high on the flop. Small blind starts betting and I call him all the way to the river and picked up 1,800 in the pot. No idea of what he had but a nice way to start the day.


Level 1: 66 in 7th position. Two limpers and I called. BB makes it 250 to play. All 3 of us called and the flop came: Ad 6c 3h. A pretty nice flop for me! Check-check-check and I bet 350…keeping the pot small to see if anyone has hit the ace. BB calls. 2d on the turn. He checks again and bet 600. He

calls. 8c on the river. I put him on a big ace and decided to check to see if I can re-raise him on the river. He bets 1,500 and now I get a strange feeling. Has he been slow playing a BIG monster? I flat call and he flips over AA for a bigger set. That could easily have been the end of the tournament but I got away really cheap.


Level 3: (75-150) 22 on the button. One limper and 6th position makes it 600 to play. Call from me, BB and the limper. Qd 10d 8h. A lot of draws with that flop but to my surprise I see the turn for free and it’s a deuce giving me a set! Now the initial raiser makes it …

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