Waiting for the 먹튀사이트preseason


I don’t know, but to me it seems to be taking a long time for the 먹튀사이football preseason to start.

Every year the season itself seems to start later. This year I’m still waiting for the preseason games to start.

Short stack hand review/analysis/stats

I pulled out hands to date from my short stacking games, filtered the ones where I went to showdown, eliminated the check down hands to get the ones where I raised and got all-in.

Ahead:20; Equity > 50%: 18

Behind: 5; Equity < 50%: 4

Personal experience with variance

I already did two blog entries on variance without getting to cover what I wanted to get to. I did want to lay out some conceptual background and dig up some characteristics and elements, but somehow instead spent my time working with that without really getting to what I wanted to explore.

Beginner’s mind, in poker terms

It’s been a while since I started out trying to teach myself to play poker. There were a few websites and books that I had read telling me what were good preflop starting hands, how to bet and read flops, ect. But at the beginning it was hard for all this new information to sink

How to deal with poker variance; some general thoughts

So variance will swing your poker winnings up and down. How much can you control these swings? How much should you try? How do you adjust or deal with these swings?

Ideally, you have

a winning style and skill level for your level,

sufficient bankroll to deal with variance, and

Effects of variance

Poker is a game that combines skill with chance. A good player is not always going to beat a table of worse players. In the long run, the very long run, a good player will win out over his poorer table partners, but the elements of chance will make the results

Super turbos dried up

My super turbo play and short stack ring tests have been intermingled, but I thought that I should do a separate entry for this to signal an end.

I think that the super turbos have only been around for a few months but it’s looking like they are drying up as an easy source of winnings.

Not believing, and Tilt and aggression

The other day I was watching a video a friend made of himself playing 4 tables of $100NLHE. A couple comments that he made, about “not believing people” and about “tilting and getting too aggressive” stuck with me. These are things that I know that I have issues with.

Free poker?

What is “free poker”? Yahoo has free poker games, which is the first place I recall trying poker online, though only limit Holdem if I recall correctly. Yahoo UK started real money poker in late April of 2022, and it seems like it’s still going.

Everything is slightly down from the early stats, which is to be expected as I was aware that I had hit quite a few strong hands during that early run. What surprises me at this point is how high the BB/100 rate

Poker, and driving standard transmission

A couple of things recently, that kind of tied together.

First, we got a new car. New to us, anyways, but 4 years old.

All the vehicles I’ve owned have been manual transmission until the previous one.

FPS; Fancy Play Syndrome

Recently I got in a hand (with more than a short stack, having doubled up and just playing the hands until the blinds come to me again to sit out). Open limped AT from mid, intending to chuck it if I got raised from behind. Instead, all behind folded, SB completed but the BB raised

PokerStars beta hand replayer; hide the mucked cards?

PokerStars has recently added an animated hand history replayer. Operationally, it works similar to PokerTracker, Holdem Manager or PokerOffice except it uses the actual PokerStars table that you viewed.

I have two issues with it, which I’ve emailed support about. One is that the replayer doesn’t adjust the table according to your preferred seat.